Getting To Hakuba

Japan has an excellent transportation system, world-renowned for its efficiency and cleanliness.

Airports to Hakuba

All airports, including Narita Airport near Tokyo, the new Kansai International Airport near Osaka, have direct, regular connections to the main city train stations. There are plenty of signs in English, and both airports have English speakers at the tourist information stands.

Trains to Hakuba

Trains are an easily and convenient method of transport to and from Hakuba. Tickets are purchased from vending machines within the station, and most stations are signed in English. Tokyo, and Osaka have loop lines (train lines that run in a circle around the main city center), thus allowing easy access to all other train lines. Colour coded maps of the train and subway lines are available from English-speaking tourist information centers. link to Hakuba train trip planner

  • JR Train Timetable Link
  • Buses to Hakuba

    Bus services run from Shinjuku station to Hakuba Village

  • Bus Company Time table
  • Taxis around Hakuba

    Taxi fares begin at 680 yen, and additional charges are incurred after 2 kilometers. Japanese taxi services pride themselves on being clean, reliable and safe. Most taxi drivers wear white gloves, and taxi rear doors open and close automatically. It is also possible to arrange a taxi (minivan) to pickup up to 12 people from the airports in Narita or Nagoya, and deliver you to your chosen Hakuba accomodation in about 6hours. Cost is around 13000JPY each way.

    Hakuba Rental cars

    Cars are readily available in all brands and types. During winter, rental cars come equipped with snow tyres, and ski & snowboard racks are an optional extra. An international license is required to drive in Japan, and must be arranged in your home country before arrival in Japan. Driving is fairly straightforward, and almost all major roads have English signage. Road rules are similar to Australia, and cars are even driven on the same side.

    Learn Japanese for Hakuba